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Replacement Trailer Oil Cap 8001 for 7,000lb - 8,000lb Kodiak Disc Brakes

Replacement Trailer Oil Cap 8001 for 7,000lb - 8,000lb Kodiak Disc Brakes

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Length: 6.0

Width: 6.0

Height: 4.0

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This replacement Trailer Oil Cap is designed for 7,000lb to 8,000lb Rated Kodiak Disc Brakes, that use Oil instead of Grease for their bearing lubrication method. The Oil Cap is Manufactured by Kodiak, so it is a direct replacement to the cap that comes with their Oil-based Hydraulic Brake Kits. This Replacement Oil Cap Kit includes a new O-Ring, Plug, and the Cap itself. With the clear plastic cap, you can always see the current Oil Level to be sure that the bearings have enough lubrication before trailering. If the Oil Level is low, the included rubber plug makes adding more oil to the system a breeze. Simply remove the center plug and add oil through the opening. This is the Standard Trailer Oil Cap Part # 8001. If you are not sure whether this part will fit your Disc Brake Rotor or not, you can check the part # number printed on the top of each cap. This is a standardized sizing number, similar to bearing and race sizes, so if your current cap reads '8001' on the cover then this is the proper replacement. The Cap uses a threaded installation method that fits the standard 7,000 - 8,000lb Kodiak Integral Rotor, and, combined with the included O Ring, provides a leak proof seal. The Kodiak Oil Cap 8001 and the Hub / Rotor That it installs to typically have 8 Lugs. Specifications: - Clear Cap Design for easy Oil Level Monitoring - Oil Cap 8001 - Comes with Removable Rubber Plug and O Ring - Threaded Installation - Fits Kodiak 7,000 - 8,000lb 8 Lug Trailer Hub Rotors